Think beyond outdated POP E-mail. Think IMAP.

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What is the problem with POP email protocol?

If your company has a “catch-all” mailbox for customer service reps which needs to be accessed by several people OR If you have satellite offices where employees will be rotating through as needed, you will face problems if the POP server email gets downloaded to a local hard disk and is no longer available on the server.

POP or Post Office Protocol enables simple mailbox management from download to delete operations.

POP usually retains the email from remote server once downloading it on your computer. If you are using multiple devices like desktop/ laptop/ tablet/ phone, you must delete or file the same email on every device with no indication of which of which mails are unread or deleted or flagged or filed. Managing or replicating files on the other device therefore becomes a concern. If a large number of messages are stored on remote servers, downloading becomes a very slow affair. Also, encryption of the messages needs to be requested. Once you have retrieved your emails, you are disconnected from the server.

...and What is the solution?

IMAP is best in scenarios where a lot of email will be coming through the servers to multiple computers, or in situations where the email accounts will need to be accessed from multiple locations. If you’re setting up a “virtual office” where you’ll have employees throughout the country, IMAP is the way to go.

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is a two-way internet protocol that allows for storing emails on remote servers and synchronizing the emails among multiple devices – something extremely convenient in the present times when most people use a minimum of a laptop and a smartphone. Any changes or actions around the emails are brought simultaneously across all the devices. IMAP allows for online and offline modes of operation. It also enables multiple users to manage the same mailbox. Emails on the server are stored until the user explicitly deletes them.

Through IMAP you can now enjoy a robust email protocol (something unachievable by POP):

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We are a highly responsive team of dynamics folks at POP2IMAP who help small and medium businesses by providing them with reliable and secure Email Services. Our parent company, Computer Port IT Solutions, is the official partner for Google Apps for Enterprises.

We have extensive experience in implementing Zimbra, Zentyal, Microsoft Exchange and Linux based email servers. Our expertise lies in implementation of mail servers on cloud and on customer premises.


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What are IMAP advantages over POP?

Think beyond POP. Think IMAP.

Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP, refers to the way e-mail is handled online. If you have a centralised mailbox which many people need to access, or you need the freedom to be able to check email from multiple locations and devices, you can NOT rely on POP. It has to be IMAP.

While POP will download your email on the local hard drive of the first device where you first access your email, IMAP will retain it on the server. Are you still risking your business details to a hard drive crash? Take a cue - use IMAP, with our 99.5% uptime and server backup, never lose an email again! On top of it, IMAP mail servers can be configured to work with popular email clients such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, with just a few clicks much like the traditional POP server.

With POP2IMAP, you can choose unlimited email accounts with spam protection and 99.5% uptime assurance of hyper-reliable servers. We accommodate your needs whether you require IMAP Hosting for just personal or full scale business use. Evaluate our features and choose a robust email hosting plan to use in conjunction with your domain.

You retain the choice of your favorite e-mail client - Outlook, Thunderbird or any other solution while taking advantage of IMAP protocol. Setting up IMAP could not be more convenient than at POP2IMAP. Embrace the power of IMAP minus the headache of setting up and maintaining it.

If you’re looking for a professional Email service provider who understands the importance an email plays in your business and hence can provide responsive support, we at POP2IMAP would leave no strings attached to assist you. Our 24x7 team is available all days of the week, every single day of the year to answer your queries. Contact us today and we will give you a callback to understand more about the Email needs of your business.

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